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Are you looking for a way to enhance your skills and knowledge in the field of neuroscience?
Do you want to learn from the best experts and researchers in the world?
Do you want to join a community of professionals who share your passion for the brain and mind?


If you answered yes to any of these questions, you are in the right place! The Academy of Cognitive and Behavioral Neuroscience (ACBN) is an online platform that offers high-quality courses, live seminars, consulting services, and neuroscience certifications for anyone wanting to learn more about this fascinating subject. Whether you are a student, teacher, clinician, researcher, coach, therapist, or just a curious learner, you will find something that suits your needs and interests at ACBN.

Here, at ACBN, our goal is making neuroscience approachable. Through professional certificate programs, neuroscience consulting and speaking services, we work with individuals and groups who are ready to stand apart and show up as true leaders in their field. By learning easy-to-swallow knowledge of how the brain works in real-life situations, you too can be armed with an education in a subject you can use literally every single day and stand out in the crowd by harnessing the power of the neuroscience behind your work.

At ACBN, we believe that neuroscience is not only a scientific discipline, but also an art and a philosophy. We believe that learning about the brain and mind can enrich your personal and professional life in many ways. That's why we offer courses and certifications that cover a wide range of topics, such as:


- Neuroanatomy and Neurophysiology

- Cognitive neuroscience and Neuropsychology

- Neurodevelopment and Neuroplasticity

- Neurodegeneration and Neuromodulation

- Addiction, Stress, and Trauma

- Motivation, Habits, Learning and Memory

- Psychological Disorders and Treatment Options

- And so much more!

With a Certification in Cognitive & Behavioral Neuroscience, you will gain the confidence to speak with authority about HOW & WHY what you teach your clients actually works.

Meet the Founder -
Dr. Hayley

Dr. Hayley Nelson earned her PhD in Psychological and Brain Sciences from The Johns Hopkins University, is a tenured professor of Psychology in the Philadelphia area, and is an international speaker. She has several peer-reviewed research publications and previous research and faculty appointments with The National Institutes of Health, The Johns Hopkins University, and The University of Pennsylvania.

By creating the Academy of Cognitive and Behavioral Neuroscience, Dr. Hayley Nelson combined her knowledge of the human mind and brain health with her passion for education, teaching, and consulting to truly make neuroscience approachable. Her students learn easy-to-swallow knowledge of how the brain works in real-life situations and are armed with an education in a subject they can use literally every single day. Not only that, they gain the power to serve their clients better and create an environment for their communities to thrive.

Dr. Hayley's Recent Publications, Features, & Contributions:

list of organizations and publications Dr. Hayley contributed to

By enrolling in our courses and certifications, you will gain:


- A solid foundation in the principles and methods of neuroscience

- A deeper understanding of the brain mechanisms underlying various cognitive functions and behaviors

- A broader perspective on the implications and applications of neuroscience in different domains

- A certificate of completion that demonstrates your proficiency and credibility in neuroscience

But don't take our word for it. Here's what some of our students have to say about Dr. Hayley and ACBN:


Marc Hayford

GET UP Podcaster

Motivational Speaker

3x Best-Selling Self-Help Author

Tasia Valenza

TEDx Speaker

Founder of Give Great Voice

EMMY Winning Voiceover Artist

Career Counselor

Business Artist, NLP Master Practitioner & Founder of GOLIVE Spartan Experiences

Diamando Stratakos

Laura Hinds, MSW, LCSW

Principal Partner

Hindsight Consulting Group, LLC

"Dr. Hayley Nelson has a gift for taking complex neurobiological processes and making them accessible to people of different scientific starting points. My students, both post-graduate and graduate, have immensely benefited from her skill and expertise. Her humor and humanity are just added pluses!

For any clinician who wants to have a firmer understanding of the biology of the brain, how medications are actually used by the body, or how mental illness and addiction affects our brains' functioning, connecting with Dr. Hayley is a must! Your practice, your clients' outcomes, and your own knowledge base will be deeply enhanced by her instruction. 5 stars!"

Shirelle K. Flowers, MSW, LCSW-C

Certified Grief Counseling Specialist;

Maryland Board Approved Supervisor

"I have had the opportunity and privilege to attend several of Dr. Hayley's workshops and presentations. She is masterful in making complex scientific content about the brain relatable to everyone regardless of their educational background and experience.

As a mental health provider, I believe that helping clients build on their strengths while incorporating new coping strategies is the key to successful therapeutic outcomes and in achieving their personal goals. I have been able to utilize the knowledge I gained through Dr. Hayley's courses and seminars and apply it to my daily interactions with clients. I look forward to future collaborations with Dr. Hayley to further enhance my mental health practice."

Want to see what it's like to learn from Dr. Hayley?

Download your own copy of the "Stress and the Brain" course or "The ABCs of Commonly Abused Drugs" resource!

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- stress and drug misuse.

Elevate your understanding of stress and its intricate relationship with your brain. Enroll in "Stress and the Brain" and take a pivotal step towards a balanced, stress-resilient life.

Whether you're seeking to inform yourself, educate others, or find a resource to support recovery and prevention efforts, "The ABCs of Commonly Abused Drugs" is an invaluable companion in your journey.

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